Meet Kiriko, Overwatch’s First Support Hero in 3 Years

Meet Kiriko, Overwatch's First Support Hero in 3 Years

Meet Overwatch’s newest hero, Kiriko. Yes, the supposed fox spirit girl is real, and we’re only a few weeks away from testing her. Players returning from Overwatch will unlock Kiriko (as well as new heroes Sojourn and Junker Queen) immediately, while new players can unlock her through seasonal battle pass. Kiriko is the game’s first new support class hero since Baptiste was released in March 2019, and I can’t wait to try her out in-game.

Looking for lore drops? Kiriko has close ties to the game’s Kanezaka deathmatch map and heroes Genji and Hanzo. Kirko’s mother – a ninja master – trained both Genji and Hanzo, with a young Kiriko training alongside them. Now Kiriko combines her ninja training with the protection and healing skills she learned from her grandmother.

Kiriko almost looks like she was designed in a lab to attract players. Do you like to play support? Here it is. Do you like ninjas? ta-da. foxes? His ultimate is a fox. And honestly, this lab formula is working.

Here’s what you need to know about your new Overwatch main (just don’t tell the Junker Queen).

What is Kiriko’s release date?

Kiriko will be available in the Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle Pass starting October 4, when Blizzard releases the free-to-play game. She’s the first new support hero in years, but she’s also the first Overwatch hero that needs to be unlocked. Players can unlock Kiriko at level 55 of the free battle pass, but anyone with the premium battle pass (included in the paid Watchpoint Pack) will unlock immediate access.

Returning players will also have immediate access by claiming the free Founder’s Pack, but new heroes will not be available to play in competitive modes for several weeks at the start of the season. Exact competitive availability has not yet been announced.

A blue fox spirit jumping in front of Kiriko

Kiriko’s ultimate summons a fox spirit and strengthens her team.


What are Kiriko’s abilities?

Based on the developer update video, Kiriko appears to be a high mobility hero that rewards accurate aiming and timing.

  • Primary Fire: Kiriko sends a slow-moving projectile that passes through walls and heals the target over time (must have line of sight to send the projectile).
  • Secondary Fire: Kiriko throws kunai with moderate base damage and a high critical modifier. (Training bots die with two headshots in the reveal video.)
  • Quick Step: Kiriko targets an ally and teleports towards their location, even through walls.
  • Suzu Protection: Kiriko protects her team, making them immune to damage for a brief window.
  • Wall Climbing: Kiriko can climb walls, just like Genji and Hanzo.
  • Ultimate Ability: Kiriko summons a fox spirit that lights a path for her team, giving them increased movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown speed, as well as cooldown reductions.
Description of Kiriko's Abilities

Kiriko’s teleportation and wall climbing allow her extremely high mobility for a support hero.


On paper, Kiriko looks extremely powerful. In the right hands, she seems capable of dealing massive damage and changing the game with her invulnerability mechanic. As always, precise interactions and healing/damage numbers are subject to change on release and after.

Kiriko seems like such a fun and dynamic character that it’s almost enough to erase the pain of over three years without new support heroes.


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