Four Tips For More Reach On Facebook For Companies

If you have followed the news carefully, you will hardly have escaped. In the future, Facebook wants to reorganize the users’ news feed. Today we can only speculate about what the news feed will look like. I have a few tips for you on how you can get more reach on Facebook again.So

The fact is, the reach of companies has already decreased in the last year. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise. Many site operators are now wondering what they can do now. Actually, one should say what the site operator should have done a long time ago.


4 Tips for More Reach on Facebook for Companies

Tip NO.1

Nothing new, actually, and that’s what Facebook wants. Ads of course offer advantages such as precise targeting, good controlling options and a strong reach.

The disadvantage: you always have to insert tinkling coins for the ads to be shown. When the budgets are all over, the party is over. You continue to become dependent on Facebook.

Often there is simply a lack of budgets for certain topics. Associations and NGOs in particular do not have large budgets and cannot even place ads on Facebook. Here I recommend smaller campaigns for targeted boosting of postings for more reach.

Tip NO.2

Group posts have had a strong reach in the news feed for a long time. The word got around, last year the groups experienced a renaissance. It is not known whether the range will change.

Companies should take a closer look at groups and develop concepts for them. This can be a branded community or a group without branding. The company then only acts as owner and moderator.

Groups are a meaningful option and a strong community will attract a lot of fans. There is mutual help and great user-generated content can arise. Felix Beilharz had an interesting group from Adidas in his article.

Tip NO.3

Messenger Marketing: This gives you options that are similar to those of email marketing. The content is sent directly via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Such messages enjoy a very high level of attention. Of course, you mustn’t annoy your customers, there is always the risk of an opt-out.

A possible disadvantage of messenger marketing with Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp: Both belong to Facebook and you can suffer the same problem as with the pages.

Chatbots offer innovative approaches to communication with customers. The potential is not yet exhausted today. They enable direct and quick contact with fans – with direct feedback.

Tip NO.4

The last tip: Increasingly relies on user-generated content. Adidas does this very well with its own groups. A certain dynamic develops and the company takes on a moderating character.

I have another cool example from FC Bayern. An isolated picture of James is posted there with the request to make something new out of the picture. Photoshop makes it possible.

The fans then post their works in the comments. That should give a powerful boost from the Facebook algorithm. A day later there is another post with the best results. Here the fans should vote which picture they like best. I haven’t looked in detail at how the post is performing now compared to others in the club.