PSG: Neymar in prison before the World Cup, thanks Barcelona

PSG: Neymar in prison before the World Cup, thanks Barcelona

It’s hard to go a week without Neymar being the center of the news. The PSG Brazilian will soon be tried for alleged irregularities in his transfer to Barça from Santos in 2013.

Neymar will experience a particularly challenging end for the year 2022. On the sporting level, in fact, the Brazilian will be on the bridge with PSG. In particular he will have to allow his club to do well in Ligue 1 and Champions League. Then, from November, he will fly to Qatar to compete in the 2022 World Cup with Brazil. But first, Neymar may very well face some bad news. According to El Paísthe 30-year-old will be tried for irregularities in his transfer to Barca from Santos, made official in 2013. The trial will also take place from 17 to 31 October.

Neymar takes a big risk

Neymar won’t be the only one on the dock. It will be the same for Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, two former Barça presidents. The former director of Santos is also in the sights. The facts they are accused of? Crimes of corruption between private individuals and fraud. In this case, the prosecution foresees two years of imprisonment and a fine of 10 million euros against Neymar and 8.4 million euros at Barça. The complainant company is called DIS, a Brazilian company that considers itself the victim of a scam perpetrated by Neymar and his relatives. At the time DIS held 40% of the player’s rights when he played for Santos, acquired for € 2 million. However, when he arrived at Barça, Neymar and his father would have signed two contracts ignoring that the Brazilian’s rights returned to Santos and DIS.

The latter wishes to receive as compensation the sum of 150 million euros for the damage suffered. In addition to this amount, DIS wants a 5-year prison sentence for Neymar and that he be barred from playing football during the same period … Note that in this dark story of Neymar’s transfer to Barcelona, the Catalan club has already paid 5.5 million euros for two crimes already ascertained in the operation. Thanks to an agreement with the prosecution, Sandro Rosell and Josep Bartomeu had been put out of danger. But here they are again under the watchful eye of justice. Like the other defendants, Neymar will therefore have to prepare his defense. He is not ideal to have his head completely focused on PSG and Brazil.

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