The largest Lidl in France will open in Nanterre –

The largest Lidl in France will open in Nanterre -

Covering approximately 2,300 square meters, Lidl in the university district of Nanterre will become the largest in France when it opens in late August.

It will be the largest in France. Inaugurated in November 2019, Lidl in the university district of Nanterre located at 461 boulevard des Provinces Françaises, a few steps from the RER station, closed its doors on July 16. Not definitely. No. Just to expand.

While when it opened it was already one of the largest in Paris and its inner suburbs, the German hard discount brand decided to make it the largest in France. The store, which had occupied the premises of the former Casino supermarket, will thus increase from 1,600 square meters to approximately 2,300 square meters, only for the sales area. This expansion was made possible after Fitness Park abandoned plans to open a gym. However, the new commercial area of ​​this Lidl will remain less important than that of its predecessor Casino which amounted to almost 3,250 square meters.

This new Lidl will be equipped in particular with fourteen classic pay stations and twelve automatic pay stations. The team of forty employees will more than double at the end of 2019 to now reach a hundred employees.

While waiting for the reopening of this Lidl, scheduled for Wednesday 31 August at 8:30, the brand’s customers can always go to the other store in Nanterre, at 73 Rue Sadi Carnot.

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