Clermont-PSG live: for its return, Paris delights with a gala duo Messi-Neymar


It’s over in Gabriel-Montpied! PSG are attacking their Ligue 1 season perfectly after the serious win against Clermont (5-0). Carried by an excellent Neymar (1 goal, 3 assists), Paris showed many good things with in particular the midfielder Verratti-Vitinha, the contribution of the pistons (Mendes-Hakimi) or the XXL performance in the number 10 of Messi ( doubled). The Argentine also scored the last Parisian goal on a magnificent comeback. Rookies Mukiele and Ekitike came into play at the end of the game.


And a masterpiece to conclude this meeting with Lionel Messi! Opening for Messi who checks from the chest and scores on a lobed answer! EXCEPTIONAL 5-0 for PSG!

The audience even sings the name of the Argentine!

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Ekitike takes the opportunity

After a good deed and a one-two with Neymar, Ekitike takes the chance from a distance but doesn’t target his shot!


What a recital of PSG and Neymar offering a decisive new step in this meeting! Messi moves it perfectly, the Brazilian hands it over and Messi finishes the job! 4 to 0!

Bernat and Ekitike come into play!

Hugo Ekitike comes into play, as does Juan Bernat in the last ten minutes of this match!


The Parisian pistons celebrate with a perfect cross from Hakimi on the head of Nuno Mendes! He runs into the excellent Diaw!

Two changes in Clermont

Saracevic gives way to Magnin and Allevinah for Dossu! On the Parisian side, Ekitike prepares to enter the game.


Center with rebound by Nuno Mendes that Lionel Messi takes in one touch! It is not within the scope of Diaw!

Yellow card for Gonalons

For a jersey draw on Vitinha, Maxime Gonalons takes a yellow card!

Paredes and Mukiele enter in place of Vitinha and Ramos.


Messi is at the start of a quick action! Move Sarabia who crosses perfectly for Neymar and the Brazilian slams a header from close range! Diaw saves!

Kimpembe misses the target!

Kimpembe comes close to scoring with an overly crossed header in front of Diaw’s goal!


Finally a reaction for Clermont! Andric recovers the ball in front of the area, turns immediately and continues with a powerful left-footed shot that touches Donnarumma’s skylight!

Messi takes the wall

Very dangerous free kick for PSG at the entrance to the Clermont area … Lionel Messi kicks but is deflected by the wall!


It’s the break from Gabriel-Montpied! PSG have started their Ligue 1 season perfectly with already three goals against Clermont (3-0) and there are still 45 minutes to go. Carried by an excellent Neymar (1 goal, 2 assists), Paris showed a lot of seriousness and realism in this first period. Hakimi and Marquinhos scored the other two goals.

Nuno Mendes resumes his post

Good news for PSG as Nuno Mendes resumes his post after the clash with Seidu.


Party on the edge of offside, Nuno Mendes crosses but does not play the part of Diaw! He was offside and injured on Seidu’s tackle, carried away by his speed.


Neymar’s free kick perfectly in the area and in the match by Marquinhos who heads Diaw! The captain scores, a goal and two assists for Neymar!

Yellow card for Allevinah

Second yellow card of the match after Allevinah’s draw on Vitinha who had managed a small bridge!


Paris touches the 3rd goal but comes out against Diaw! Messi walks around the area and perfectly presents Neymar who is patient before giving back to Nuno Mendes! The Portuguese hits right but it’s too much on Diaw!

Paris want to eliminate Clermont

Another beautiful Parisian offensive with Sarabia centered on Neymar but the Brazilian fails to get into shooting position. He tries a heel towards Messi but is intercepted!

Ramos, not far from 3-0!

Corner kick for PSG shot by Messi who heads Ramos! The Spanish defender slams a great header to the ground but is rejected for a corner by Diaw!


What a fabulous PSG counterattack with Messi in command! Find Neymar putting Hakimi back in the running and the Parisian team sends a praline under Diaw’s bar! 2 to 0!

Neymar at fault

Wanting to protect the ball, Neymar puts a hand in the face of Gastien who remains on the ground! No card for the Brazilian.

It’s heating up in the Paris area

Rashani enters the area taking away Ramos, who seems to throw him off balance but the referee says nothing. Behind, Gonalons tries a shot that doesn’t take the shot!

Andric asks for a penalty

Grand opening of Borges in the race of Andric that launches to the surface! Kimpembe nudges him in the back but he’s really light.

Vitinha can’t find the frame!

Great opportunity for Paris after a mess in the area! Vitinha takes the opportunity to pull up a sudden shot that touches Diaw’s post!


Ball lost on axis by Verratti and recovered by Borges who throws Rashani but Vitinha unbalances him right in front of the surface. Yellow card for the former Porto!

Messi misses his free-kick

Punishment for Messi at 30 meters but his small center is returned by the defense of Clermont!


Already 1-0 for PSG with a perfectly executed action! Mendes throws Sarabia deep who crosses back for Messi! The Argentine misses the check – unless this discount is voluntary – and Neymar is behind, checking and closing the action at the spot!

Neymar’s Strike!

Well served by Sergio Ramos, Hakimi overflows and crosses for Neymar who with his shot aims at the near post! He was hijacked and creams Diaw’s post!

Paris puts her foot back on the ball

The Parisians are regaining some possession but have yet to find Messi properly. Neymar loses a ball in front of the Clermont area.

Great pressure from Clermont

PSG is under pressure with Clermont’s many combinations! Allevinah crosses back for Andric who misses the check, too bad!

Clermont’s first header on goal

Who already plays well on Clermont’s side with a triangle game that gives Borges overflow! Cross to Andric who lands too weak a header!


Paris Saint Germain return to Ligue 1 this evening at the Gabriel Montpied stadium in Clermont. Deprived of Mbappé, the Parisians want to start the Galtier era perfectly.

Statistics for the benefit of PSG!

Tonight Christophe Galtier will debut with PSG in Ligue 1, he who has never lost for the first time alone on the bench of an elite club.

During the financial year 2021-2022, PSG dominated Clermont at the Parc des Princes (4-0), before winning even more widely in the second leg (1-6).

Clermont will start their second consecutive season in Ligue 1

With just 18 points at home in Ligue 1 last season, Clermont have the lowest total on this register among teams still present this season. Saint-Étienne had 18 units, Bordeaux and Metz 16, but these formations are now in Ligue 2.

The Clermont Composition

Diaw – Seidu, Wieteska, Ogier, Neto Borges – Gastien, Gonalons – Allevinah, Saracevic, Rashani – Andric

The composition of PSG, still in the 3-4-1-2

Recall that Kylian Mbappé is forfeited

Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Vitinha, Verratti, Nuno Mendes – Messi – Neymar, Sarabia.

Game sold out

10,800 people at the Gabriel Montpied, and that for almost 10 days

First for the away shirt of Paris

For their first Ligue 1 match, PSG will wear their new away kit

The FFF has finally validated Galtier’s contract

RMC Sport is able to confirm information from France Bleu, according to which Christophe Galtier’s contract at PSG was validated this Saturday by the French Football Association. The Parisian coach sent a letter to the DTN pledging to update his continuing professional training throughout the year. The recovery date will be set very soon. All the details are here.

The probable formation of the PSG

Follower of 3-4-1-2 since his arrival on the Paris bench, Christophe Galtier should continue with this system. The starting eleven should be similar to that of the Champions Trophy, with the presence of Pablo Sarabia in attack in the absence of Kylian Mbappé.

The probable composition of PSG in Clermont: Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Verratti, Vitinha, Mendes – Messi – Neymar, Sarabia

Good morning everyone

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the live commentary on Clermont-PSG, match count for the 1st matchday of Ligue 1. The kick-off will be given at 21:00 at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium. For his great championship lead at the helm of the Parisian team, Christophe Galtier will be deprived of Kylian Mbappé, injured in the hamstring.

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