“He was diagnosed with pancreatitis”: his “child still sick”, Delphine Tellier shares her concern

"He was diagnosed with pancreatitis": his "child still sick", Delphine Tellier shares her concern

Delphine Tellier he loves sharing his daily life with his 33,000 members. And this Wednesday, July 27, 2022, the news was not exactly good, as Internet users could see in the Instagram story.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste and his girlfriend Delphine Tellier have a dog. A border collie that responds to the sweet name of Eagle. Like all people who own pets, Sylvie Tellier’s sister is very fond of them and has even created a lifelong story so that her community can find all of her adventures. So when her faithful companion is unwell, the young woman is also in a low mood.

This Wednesday, July 27, Delphine Tellier also announced that Eagle was not at its best and it wasn’t the first time. “My baby is still sick. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis [une inflammation du pancréas, NDLR], The Biarritz emergencies had taken over. After a few days, she had regained her shape. But the day before yesterday, new peak at 40.9 fever“, he first wrote in the caption of a photo of his dog appearing to be sleeping. However, this time”it wouldn’t be due to her pancreatitis“, He immediately clarified.

The The dog’s temperature reportedly increased following his rage stroke. Delphine Tellier then wanted to know if it had happened to other people. There is no doubt that her subscribers will be there to support her and no doubt provide her with some answers.

However, Delphine Tellier could count on them to shower her with messages after the birth of her baby. On June 6, Jean-Pascal Lacoste and she had their first child together. A little girl named Ainhoa. “This tiny 2,770kg piece joins Maverick & Kylie [les enfants que l’ancien candidat de la Star Academy a eus d’une précédente union, NDLR]. We are now officially 5“, The young mother had written in particular to announce the good news.

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