Thousands flock to the job fair as recruiters scramble to find people the old-fashioned way

Thousands flock to the job fair as recruiters scramble to find people the old-fashioned way

Five thousand job hunters tried their luck in a mass recruitment drive on Sunday, as Auckland airport and the aviation industry expanded their operations now that the border has reopened.

The job fair is the first of its kind, bringing employers and candidates face-to-face through an overloaded selection process.

And they came by the thousands, with sports résumés, some in three-piece suits, doing their best to find a job.

“I was surprised, this is huge!” said one participant.

“I’m looking for something about public relations or stakeholder management, communications, marketing, so hopefully there’s something there.”

From entry-level positions to senior qualification positions, there’s something for everyone as recruiters say it’s hard to find people the old fashioned way.

“We’ve been trying to hire people for some time for our shop at Auckland airport, it’s been tough now, there are a lot of jobs now and it’s tough for all industries,” said one recruiter.

There are hundreds of positions up for grabs. Auckland Airport has 70 critical roles that need to be filled and they are confident they will find them through this unique process.

“What a great opportunity to bring employers and candidates together face to face to see if we can help match and accelerate recruitment,” said Auckland Airport CEO Carrie Hurihanganui.

The forms were completed on the spot and the interviews were conducted in the most unconventional way.

With unemployment at just 3.2%, many candidates here already have a job, but are here to see the opportunities a post-COVID aviation industry has to offer.

“I was interested in joining customs,” one participant told Newshub.

Some employers even preferred this old-fashioned mass event.

“What this does for us gives us the opportunity to get a level of interest en masse at the same time that we would struggle to get if we were recruiting online,” said recruiter Craig Manester.

While it may seem a bit impersonal, the goal is the same, to try to match suitable candidates with the right roles.

From application to work in one day, the job is done.

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