‘If everyone claims to be a victim …’: Chris Rock disliked Will Smith’s apology video

'If everyone claims to be a victim ...': Chris Rock disliked Will Smith's apology video

ROBYN BECK / AFP US actor Will Smith (R) slaps US actor Chris Rock on stage during the 94th Annual Oscars at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California on March 27, 2022. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP)


At the Oscars, actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock.

PEOPLE – The slap still struggles to pass. Despite a lengthy apology video posted by Will Smith on Youtube on Friday, July 29, comedian Chris Rock hasn’t forgiven the actor for slapping him hard at the latest Oscars ceremony.

Last February, Will Smith shocked the world after getting up from his seat to punch the comedian who had just made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia. “Leave my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth”, cried the star of Men in black. Four months later, the latter apologized and admitted that he did well “unacceptable”.

That same evening in a performance at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Chris Rock made a new reference to the incident. “Everyone tries to be a victim”he regretted, but did not directly target Will Smith. “If everyone claims to be a victim, no one will hear the real victims. Me too after being punched by Suge Smith [en référence à Suge Knight, un réalisateur américain en prison]. I was at work the next day, I have children “he said second People. And to add: “Those who say hurt words have never been punched in the face. ”

Will Smith expelled from the Academy of the Oscars

The two men did not speak directly from the slap. Chris Rock, 57, said he wasn’t yet “not ready” to do it.

After his angry gesture, Will Smith resigned from the Academy of the Oscars and made the decision to ban him from the ceremony for the next ten years. A backlash that does not stop there, given that the actor’s career now seems to be proceeding in slow motion.

Although well advanced, the film Badboy 4, whose early works were a box office success, was discontinued. It is the same for Fast and loose on Netflix, where the actor had to play the role of an amnesic mobster. For his part, the output ofEmancipationon Apple TV +, it was delayed for a year.

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