“They fought in the middle of the road,” revealed a violent argument between Shakira and Gerard Pique

"They fought in the middle of the road," revealed a violent argument between Shakira and Gerard Pique

Nothing goes in between Shakira And Gerard Pique and the situation seems to get worse every day. As a couple since the summer of 2010, the two stars have had a very beautiful story for almost 12 years. Together they will have two boys, Milan (born January 2013) and Sasha (born January 2015), and their relationship seems stronger than ever for years. The Colombian singer and the FC Barcelona captain are one of the most loved couples on the planet and everything seems to be going well. Except that the situation is very different … At the beginning of June the rumors of a separation become more and more insistent and only a few days later the couple officially separates.

Obviously Gerard Pique’s infidelities would be the main reason for this breakup and some media even suggest that Shakira would have hired private investigators to follow Lionel Messi’s great friend. Suspicious of the actions of the 35-year-old sportsman, the Latina bombshell has already had this type of problem in the past. In any case, this is what the Spanish journalist Silvia Taules, host of the show, says. save, and who says it the player’s infidelities date back to 2017. At the time, the couple was on the verge of breaking up and a heated argument had erupted between them, in front of witnesses. “They fought on the street in front of everyone”assures in an intervention taken up by the daily Marca.

Gerard Pique at his worst according to FC Barcelona president

Now officially separated, Shakira and Gerard Pique must start a new life and if they have already found each other recently, rumors of adultery continue to haunt the Catalan, who is the target of criticism. Despite everything, he can count on FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta to support him. “Pique is in pain right now […] He lived in an unpleasant situation, with very young children and deserves the esteem and affection of his fans. “declares, before concluding: “Pay no attention to the voices that portray him as a frivolous man, without feelings, who touches nothing. I am lucky to know him and to treat him as a being. He is an amazing person who is currently suffering. And we have to help him. I’ll be the first to give him the love he deserves “.

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