Women’s Tour de France LIVE: Van Vleuten blows up the race … You will no longer be in yellow … Follow the 7th stage with us

Women's Tour de France LIVE: Van Vleuten blows up the race ... You will no longer be in yellow ... Follow the 7th stage with us

15 km : News from Marianne Vos who is 16 minutes from her head * crying emoji * is abysmal

16 km : On the other hand, the Vollering explodes little by little. The gap rises to 3 minutes on Annemiek Van Vleuten, who she whistles.

17km: Correction, I told you absolutely nonsense, Longo Borghini is still in front of the group of pursuers, placed in 3rd place. He has an advantage of about fifty seconds over this group of riders who still come back.

19 km : Recall that Van Vleuten started 85 km from the finish. He led the race for 65km.

20km: Vollering 2’15 behind Van Vleuten, while Longo Borghini has just been taken over by the Niewiadoma group. Unfortunately, the Italian will have driven a lot into the wind

23 km : Can’t wait to see how many KOM VVs bang on Strava today.

26 km : Le Grand Ballon approaches, 14km at 6.6%, if Van Vleuten crashes she will be punished but I can’t see her turning on the turn signals when she looks super solid.

31 km : It’s crazy to kill the breed like that, will it still be in the reeds tomorrow after?

34 km : As Laurent Jalabert rightly points out on France TV, Van Vleuten will put half the group out of time at this rate.

37 km : End of the descent, Van Vleuten is 1’20 ahead of Vollering, I really don’t see what can happen to him.

49 km : More than a minute of difference between Longo Borghini and the Niewadioma group. There is a pooling smell in the big balloon.

55 km : Vollering does not collect anything on the descent. Van Vleuten flies away for good. If he is not wrong and avoids the cravings, he could very well win this stage with an indecent advantage.

57 km : The slight slope uphill after the summit of the pass is suitable for VV, which, despite its descents à la Ilnur Zakarin, is 55 seconds ahead of Vollering

59 km : Longo Borghini takes the lead in the second difficulty 4 minutes behind Van Vleuten while she herself is doing a great race, uff

60km: Already 25 seconds late for Demi Vollering. Van Vleuten’s virtual yellow jersey on the way to the summit

61km: ATTACK OF THE VAN VLEUTEN! The Vollering can no longer follow the steeper slopes of this ascent. The Vollering will try to limit the break before the descent

62 km : Niewiadoma is letting everyone in the pursuit group go. He is at 1’30 from Longo Borghini. The warhead is inaccessible, already more than 4 minutes from VV

64 km : They all get on the train, there are no more attacks, even in the group of pursuers, but they score 4 minutes. Do they even have the strength to try to come back?

66 km : Longo Borghini is 2 ‘from the lead, while Marianne Vos’ group is 8 minutes away and the second climb is just starting.

66 km : Demi Vollering who does not pass a relay we have not seen him since the days of Rui Costa at the World Championships in Florence (which he had won)

69km: Vollering got up to take a break before the second climb. Van Vleuten is back and regained command. Annemiek works and does not ask for relays from whoever accompanies her.

72km: Vollering makes the descent! Van Vleuten, who is not duuuuu the whole specialty, is spaced out. But hey, she is sure to recover all of that on the way up.

75 km : The running duo is in the Petit Ballon descent. But they will have very little time to breathe because in just under 10 terminals they will attack the Platzerwasel pass

79km: The gaps become monstrous at 80 terminals from the finish. Van Vleueten and Vollering are over a minute on Longo Borghini and almost two minutes on Juliette Labous’ group, while Vos is six minutes behind.

82km: Longo Borghini does not resume! He has undertaken a somewhat laborious mission, the first two are fed. Forty seconds of gap between these three drivers. The Labous group is still clocked at 1 minute.

83 km: Vos is already more than 2 minutes from the command! Behind it a countergroup was formed, with Longo Borghini and especially the French Juliette Labous, then the Italian decided it was time to catch up with the leading duo formed by Van Vleuten and Vollering. 35 seconds ahead of the Italians for the two drivers and 1 minute ahead of the Juliette Labous group.

85km: Annemiek Van Vleuten already on the attack! Movistar from the Netherlands knows he has to be offensive if he wants to be yellow tomorrow night. She is 1’30 behind Marianne Vos overall. 15 seconds ahead of the group for Van Vleuten.

88km: Let’s go for the ascent of the Petit Ballon for the leading group! 9.4 km at 8.1%, good luck sir.

14:35: A group of 33 runners in the lead, yes 33, no I’m not kidding, that’s the truth. Well, I’m only 35-40 seconds in front of the group, it could explode in the ball … Do you have it?

2:30 pm: I declare this live open as the terrible Petit Ballon approaches, who has nothing funny except his name

11: Awaiting the start of hostilities, a little reading, and what a reading. This good old Nicolas Camus went on vacation delivering a beautiful article about this latest racing weekend that promises to be explosive. Take sunglasses to avoid being too dazzled.

Yo Ciclix! We meet again to experience a final weekend of the Tour de France to end July in style. Two beautiful mountain stages await us, the first today, between Sélestat and Le Markstein Fellering. There, said so, it does not purr, but if I add the three climbs classified in the first category, including the hot air balloon and the hot air balloon, it immediately becomes much more interesting. The yellow Marianne Vos jersey will likely be attacked, hopefully by Annemiek Van Vleuten in particular, who has a good minute and a half to fill by tomorrow afternoon if he is to win the event.

>> See you at 14:30 for the start of the live broadcast

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