Beware of receiving parcels via SMS … A scam campaign hits France

Beware of receiving parcels via SMS ... A scam campaign hits France

Sekoia. IO warns of an SMS phishing campaign targeting France. These messages push to install software that steals phone data.

Beware of sending and receiving parcels, favoring the increase in digital scams. The French cybersecurity publisher, Sekoia. IO, identified a phishing campaign based on sending SMS, reports the Numberama website. By claiming to send a package, the received message invites the customer to click on a link.

Example of a phishing SMS received by a person targeted by a digital scam.
Screenshot – Sekoia.IO

Hacker from China

The French cybersecurity publisher has carried out investigations to find out the behavior of phones in the face of this campaign against France. Based on the search result, the link redirects differently depending on the phone model. Once installed, the malicious application MoqHao, the work of the Chinese hacker group Roaming Mantis, requires permission to access contacts and messages. Therefore, the goal is to recover this data to send new malicious SMS.

“On Android, the user is tricked into downloading a malicious application. […] On iPhones, it’s phishing that requires Apple IDs to retrieve them, ”says Marc Nebout, Sekoia.IO’s cybersecurity engineer.

Already sent 200,000 blocked SMS

The French publisher counted on his blog 70,000 SMS sent in mid-July. This number has since increased to 200,000.

If you receive this SMS, or any questionable message, we advise you not to click on the links contained therein. If the MoqHoa application is installed on your phone, you can delete it in the phone settings.

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