Belfort-Montbeliard. Fuel shortage in the Urban Area: several Total stations affected

Belfort-Montbeliard.  Fuel shortage in the Urban Area: several Total stations affected

Fuel is starting to run out at some gas stations in the Urban Area. Do not panic, we are still quite far from the “shortage” that the International Energy Agency feared last June, especially due to the war in Ukraine.

The hypermarkets and supermarkets we contacted all assured us: “There is no shortage announced by our suppliers”.

“More diesel” in Menoncourt

Only Total stations are interested in the sector. Not all. Those that were delivered a few days ago still have stock. But those who were counting on delivery on Thursday and Friday, where they are delivered daily, dried quickly. This is the case of the Menoncourt Total Station, in the Territoire de Belfort. “This morning it was not delivered to us, so we will no longer have diesel for this weekend,” regrets the manager, on the phone. “But there is still diesel +”.

“We still have fuel,” says Ms. De Ronchi from the Pont-de-Roide Total Station, from the garage of the same name. “But our order scheduled for yesterday (Editor’s note: Thursday) did not arrive. “Annoyed, for their customers, because the garage closed this Friday night for annual leave.

One million liters per month in Montbéliard

The possible shortages have nothing to do with the French oil group’s pump discounts. The discount of 12 cents, announced in June, applies only to stations located on the motorway. As for the discount of 20 cents per liter, announced at the end of July, it will not come into effect until 1uh September.

Some Total stations still had fuel on Friday. This was the case, at the end of the morning, in Voujeaucourt, or at the end of the afternoon in Giromagny.

By Friday morning, however, there were no longer 98 or 95 lead-free E10s at the Total Access station of the Nedey concession in Montbéliard. Logic. “The Montbéliard station is one million liters per month, that of Valentigney, 300,000, and of Voujeaucourt, 200,000”, comments the boss of the group of the same name, Valère Nedey. Valentigney Total Station was completely closed on Friday morning. In summary, larger flows have encountered shortages more quickly.

Valère Nedey: “There will be fuel this weekend”

There are several reasons for these delivery delays. “We are supplied by Mulhouse”, explains Valère Nedey. But the current level of the Rhine is no longer high enough to guarantee the fuel supply. In this case, “Dijon takes over to supply us,” he continues. Problem: On the Dijon side we are dependent on the Feyzin refinery, which ran into problems in recent days and was closed, which caused fuel shortages in other parts of France. Finally, it is the Marseille refinery that supplies Dijon. The shortages are therefore rather delays in deliveries, linked to these logistical problems. But Valère Nedey assures him, regarding his group’s stations, “there will be fuel this weekend”.

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