Invite 30 children to her son’s birthday, no one comes, post a heartbreaking photo!


A photo of a boy alone at a table with paper plates for his birthday party and no one with him has moved the web. Indeed, there was a surge of empathy and sadness towards him. This American kid is from Arizona. And as he was about to celebrate his sixth birthday, none of his companions came. However, more than 30 children were invited.

The boy’s parents had arranged everything anyway. Of the 32 dishes, drinks, invitations and cake. Everything was ready to receive their children’s friends. But nobody came anyway. However, nearly half had confirmed their presence before the day of the party, which disappoints the little one even more.

The photo goes viral

It was at the Peter Piper Pizza that the little boy’s mother, Sil Mazzini, had booked a table for his birthday. The family waited over an hour for the guests to arrive, but nothing happened. They decided to play the available arcade games to make the wait less long. The baby’s father told the New York Post “I was definitely depressed,” Teddy, the most important thing for him was to have his classmates there“.

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Little Teddy’s mother said that of the fifteen children who confirmed his presence, only one parent apologized for not coming. The next day, the children again apologized to the little one for missing his birthday. But Teddy’s parents didn’t want him to stay with that memory. So they sent a message to the KVOA channel, which shared their story. Teddy’s mother was all the more bitter than her parents he had confirmed he was coming. This gave him the desire to organize other parties for “a while”.

But the Phoenix Suns, which are an NBA franchise, have decided to surprise Teddy. The photo went viral and reached them. So, shortly thereafter, little Teddy received two tickets to attend the Phoenix Suns game against the Los Angeles Lakers. “How about celebrating with thousands of people in our house ? Tickets to see the Alone against Lakers they are yours!”.

Unexpected surprises for his birthday

But the surprise gifts for her birthday don’t end there. The local football team, Phoenix Rising, also invited Teddy to join their playoff game. He was able to organize a nice birthday party. Indeed it is iHeartRadio who threw a new birthday party for little Teddy. There have been reports, team members including Lupita Murillo sharing her story a lot.

They all ate a slice of pizza for Teddy’s birthday. As he should have done with his classmates. So from a failed birthday, Teddy moved on to the best birthday a child could wish for. Another beautiful message of solidarity through the networks!

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