NBA – The 2 Priority Players The Nets Want To Recover Against Kevin Durant!

Steve Nash dégommé pour sa gestion de Kevin Durant !

Kevin Durant leaving, the Nets have to handle a lot of phone calls about the star. Negotiations promise to be lengthy, especially since Brooklyn can last all summer if the leaders feel like it. To trade the player, the franchise has also targeted two names, which herald extremely complicated negotiations.

The upheaval is coming to the Nets, which will trade Kevin Durant in the next few weeks. It remains to be seen where, as mid-season has already called Brooklyn to get an idea of ​​the asking price for the star. There is no doubt that the competition will be important, especially as KD still has a 4-year contract, which means the player’s wishes won’t make any difference. He is counting on the Nets to pick the best deal available, and that’s not good news for the Suns.

Is the price to pay for Kevin Durant too high?

Durant positioned Phoenix well in between its preferential concessions. We imagine he sees the potential in Arizona to win the title, except that the price to pay seems very heavy. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Suns will have to abandon at least Devin Booker to get KD back. We can’t say yet, but it’s very unlikely that the opposite front office will accept this request.

From Brooklyn’s point of view, it’s not possible to deal with Phoenix over Kevin Durant without at least Devin Booker at Barclays Center. The Suns will obviously want to hold out. But early indications are that the Nets aren’t really interested in a sign-and-trade with limited free agent Deandre Ayton.

Book to networks? It’s no surprise, although we doubt the Suns will accept. However, there is talk of getting Kevin Durant in exchange, a player who makes a team a favorite for the title. Unsurprisingly, Brooklyn will be very greedy when it comes to recovering a counterpart. Phoenix is ​​warned, but so is Heat, who may intervene.

The particularity? Bam Adebayo is tracked down, except the pivot cannot be traded with Kevin Durant, due to Ben Simmons’ contract. We’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that if Bam makes the trip to Brooklyn, the ex Sixer will have to pack too:

As for Miami, Brooklyn’s request should target Bam Adebayo, but it would be a hell of a job. As Keith Smith hinted at, Brooklyn cannot acquire Adebayo and keep Ben Simmons at the same time. So if the best deal comes from Miami, it looks like Simmons will have to find a new destination.

Kevin Durant at the start? Unsurprisingly, you’ll have to pay a huge counterpart to get it. The suns and the heat are warned, as are the other contenders. Undoubtedly, long negotiations will see the light during the month of July, with total mystery for the outcome.

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