Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl

Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl

Bill Cosby has recovered his past. On Tuesday, a jury in a California court found the actor, a fallen American television star, guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in 1975 when he was 16. Judy Huth, now 64, will receive $ 500,000 in damages.

This civil decision puts an end to one of the latest legal proceedings against the former actor, now 84, accused of various sexual assaults by dozens of women.

Jailed in 2018 following a conviction in another Pennsylvania case, Bill Cosby was released in June 2021 following his conviction overturned for procedural error. He did not attend the hearings, which lasted two weeks in a Santa Monica courthouse.

Playboy Palace

Judy Huth said during the trial that the actor, who for years played the ideal father in the series Cosby showmade him drink a large amount of alcohol before taking him to his friend Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and sexually assaulting him in a bedroom of the mansion.

Bill Cosby’s defenders denied any assault by their client and questioned the events reported by the complainant, who began by stating that the events had taken place in 1974. No criminal proceedings were conducted because Judy Huth surrendered herself to the police after the statute of limitations had expired.

In total, some 60 women have publicly accused Bill Cosby of being a calculating sexual predator who has used alcohol and sleeping pills to abuse his victims for decades.

The latter has always denied, ensuring that sexual intercourse was consented.

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