PS5: all our tips to find it in stock this summer

PS5: all our tips to find it in stock this summer

This summer, the Playstation 5 could very well land in your living room. At least that’s a big possibility given the amount of supplies it is going through right now. Here are all of our buying tips for finding a PS5 running smoothly.

[Mis à jour le 30 juillet 2022 à 08h30] After more than eighteen months, the Playstation 5 has returned to an almost normal situation. The console is still in great demand by the French, but it appears more and more frequently and has always been on the websites of French retailers. Console actions present more than fifteen minutes online is a situation that would have seemed impossible until a few months ago, but it is today. The supply is holding up, even the console stocks, but you will still have to follow some tips for a quick and successful purchase. Here are ours.

For 18 months, shoppers have been struggling to get a Playstation 5. The new game console is in high demand, and e-commerce sites feel it during the rare replenishment and new stock. Indeed, the crowd is large on the latter as some pages collapse completely in long queues. Speed ​​is the key word of this new “sport” of which there are some rules that can benefit you a lot. In fact, each site has its own functioning, and this slide contains some tricks that can help you make your purchase as quickly as possible.

Where can I find used PS5s?

As for second-hand consoles, you will always have the chance to find Playstation 5s for resale. New or second-hand, Sony’s console has real value well above its base price, and retailers have understood that. Although the Playstation 5 has seen its resale price drop by several hundred euros in recent months, it remains very high, despite some interesting offers on the Rakuten website. A purchase that remains reserved for the most motivated players who wish to avoid the waltz of drops and purchases at full capacity. Keep in mind that the Playstation 5 Digital costs € 399 and the Standard € 499.

As you may have understood, the Playstation 5 is part of a generation of consoles that came out straight out of stock. Remember, when Sony’s latest console was released, it was November 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic was reaching maximum levels, crippling the economy around the world. Southeast Asia, the leading producer of semiconductor metals used in the manufacturing of smart cards (aka processors and graphics processors for consoles and PCs) has been hit hard, slowing the production of consoles, graphics cards, and even automobiles around the world. A factor that is still felt today on the high-tech market, and in particular on that of the latest generation game consoles.

As for the Playstation 5, and more generally the graphics processors, the situation should not return to normal before 2024. A prediction made by Pat Gelsinger, President and CEO of Intel, who states in an interview with CNBC that the production of microchips is expected to return to its full potential by the end of 2023. A definite but inauspicious skill for console and PC gamers who expected to enjoy a stable situation by the end of 2023 and the end of 2022.

The PS5 still suffers from a lot of stock shortages, and while this article isn’t foolproof, it still aims to give you the weapons to try and buy Sony’s console as soon as possible and smoothly.

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