Danger Warning: Remove these malware-infected apps from your phone

Alerte danger : supprimez de votre téléphone ces applications infectées par des malwares

Recently, Google had to remove over fifty apps from the Play Store. How come ? Well, simply because they spread the Joker, Coper and Facestealer malware once downloaded. Don’t worry, the Objeko editorial team will tell you everything. Are you ready?

What is Malware?

From the start, IT had to contend with the threat of malware looming over users. But what exactly is it? Well, we’ll tell you right away. So what we do know is that the term is an umbrella term that designates any type of malicious software. This is in particular designed to infiltrate your device without your knowledge. And of course, there is a lot of malware out there and each one pursues its nefarious goals with a different approach.

Today we will talk about the Joker malware in particular. And this is fleece. Yes, said so, it sounds incomprehensible. However, it is very easy to understand. Its purpose is to subscribe to paid services without the user’s consent and to initiate calls and SMS to paid numbers. And unfortunately, it has been found in more than 1,000 applications in the past three years …

Other malware may be lurking

Malware is hidden in various and varied applications. In fact, you can find them in photo editing, blood pressure monitoring, voice translation, or even instant messaging applications. Incredible, right? What’s worse is that in addition to subscribing to paid services, Joker steals your usernames and passwords to bypass two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, users only realize this after receiving the invoice.

Also, these apps are programmed to download other apps to your devices. And so you expose yourself to other types of malware. And precisely, we will see what other malware it is. So what we can tell you is that some apps contain Coper and Facestealer malware. And like Joker, they are able to steal usernames and passwords. And therefore to take control of your devices or to steal large amounts of personal data.

How to avoid downloading malicious applications?

This is certainly the most important question on the subject. And luckily there is an answer. First of all, the editorial staff of Objeko recommends consulting the developer’s profile on the Play Store. You must know if it only offers one application, beware. Indeed, some developers create a different account for each malicious application. You can also read the privacy policy. Again, if it’s short, or always the same, succinct and without details, don’t download the app. Finally, trust the names of companies you know or trustworthy and trustworthy sites. It is up to you.

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