What to know about the SMS parcel scam, which is growing this summer

What to know about the SMS parcel scam, which is growing this summer

Gwladys Laffitte, edited by Gauthier Delomez

SMS parcel scams have been on the rise lately. More than 200,000 malicious text messages have already been sent this summer, inviting people to click a link to retrieve an imaginary package. Europe 1 takes stock of this well-known scam method.

Scammers don’t go on vacation. SMS parcel scams continue to rage in France and elsewhere, as revealed by Numerama. The scam is not new, but there are currently more than 200,000 malicious SMS. In fact, this is what is called a phishing attempt, which means phishing. Europa 1 tells you all about this method.

Already 200,000 messages sent this summer

An SMS is sent to your mobile phone to invite you to check receipt of a package by clicking on a link. Apart from the fact that the site asks you to download malware that sucks up your personal data. The scam is not new, but this summer it has spread quite a lot. 200,000 messages have already been sent, so we need to be careful.

Behind this scam is a group of Chinese hackers according to Sekoia, a cybersecurity company. France is affected but less than other countries such as Japan, South Korea or even Germany. If this happens to you, don’t click on the link you run the risk of seeing your contacts and messages sucked up.

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