Star Ocean The Divine Force presents its biggest news

Star Ocean The Divine Force presents its biggest news

So this is the story of DUMA, a robot with superior intelligence, even for the advanced age it comes from, which sees itself as a life form rather than a machine. Found by Raymond and his teammates, DUMA will fit into the team without necessarily being very clear about his intentions. It seems that this machine is precisely the origin of the famous jetpack function that will allow the game’s characters to explore the environments by flying and to swoop down on enemies without transition between exploration and combat, for the first time in an Ocean Star.

The drone also offers a scanner function to find secret passages, giving each character different advantages during combat. Speaking of encounters, the video introduces us to a new central mechanic: dashing towards the enemy and performing a sudden turn to disappear from their field of view, the player triggers the state Blind side which leaves the enemy in a state of great vulnerability for a few moments.

The DUMA is also an essential piece of history and the subject of all greed by the enemy factions, which will be the subject of a presentation in a future video. Star Ocean The Divine Force will be released on October 27 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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