World Cup: France trembles for Paul Pogba

World Cup: France trembles for Paul Pogba

What’s after this announcement

Paul Pogba could not have had a worse start than his Juventus adventure. Having just returned to Juventus after a mixed stint of six years at Manchester United, the midfielder suffered a serious meniscus injury. “After complaining of pain in his right knee, Paul Pogba underwent radiological examinations which revealed a lesion of the lateral meniscus. In the next few hours he will undergo an orthopedic specialist examination. Therefore, to continue his treatment, he does not participate in the trip to Dallas. “

The Old Lady’s medical statement was not reassuring and for good reason. The French have to observe several weeks of rest. According to initial estimates, she would be absent for about two months. A long absence that also forced the club’s management to review their position on Adrien Rabiot, initially included in the transfer list. A Frenchman replaces another Frenchman. The scenario could also be repeated in France.

Juve is fighting for an operation

If this two-month convalescence were confirmed, Pogba would return at the end of September, in time for the World Cup which will take place from November 21st to December 18th except that The Gazzetta dello Sport this morning unveils some very worrying information for the 2018 world champion. The Turin management is changing its plans. It prompts Paul Pogba to go through the box of operations. Recovery times would therefore be much longer …

The Italian newspaper speaks of an absence of at least 4 months that would skip the World Cup at an international level with 91 selections (11 goals). This would be a blow to Didier Deschamps’ Blues. Since his arrival in selection in 2013, the midfielder has been in all campaigns, embodying the leadership of the group. Already in June he had been forced to give up during the break for the national teams due to a calf injury. Pogba hasn’t worn the blue jersey since March.

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