A mysterious new Google product is coming soon

A mysterious new Google product is coming soon

Google is preparing a wireless device, with battery, but without access to the mobile network. Little reflection to determine what it might be.

The Google Nest family // Source: Google

FCC certification is one of the last steps a manufacturer takes before marketing a new product in the United States. This step is mandatory for a device that incorporates wireless communication capabilities, to verify that it complies with applicable standards.

In this case it is a new product from Google that has recently moved out of the offices of the FCC. The “Google”G28DR“, a”wireless deviceaccording to the certification.

Probably a Google Nest device

Obviously, Google’s dossier at the FCC reveals little information about this new product, neither its price, nor its design nor less precise features. In fact, brands may choose to ask the FCC to keep the information secret until the product is presented.

This Google G28DR device would be equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with compatibility of the 5 GHz frequency band. It does not integrate NFC or UWB, which excludes small connected devices “AccessoriesThe absence of a mobile network also eliminates the possibility of a smartphone or a nomadic autonomous device. On the other hand, it integrates a 3.65V battery, similar to the one typically found in cameras. battery excludes the idea of ​​a totally indoor device like the Chromecast.

In the large family of Google products we share the conclusions of 9to5Google, it is probably a Nest device for the connected home. For example, an outdoor surveillance camera that could use its battery as a backup system in the event of a power failure.

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