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10 Basic Rules For Blogging Success

Successful blogs differ a lot from the many other blogs that hardly have any visitors. In this article, I am therefore introducing a total of 10 basic rules that make a blog successful.

After more than 10 years of blogging experience, I think these are very important. I am of course very happy about your feedback and what experiences you as bloggers can describe.

Ten Basic Rules of success = success guarantee?

In this article, I’ll set out 10 basic rules for blogging that I’ve found very important in blogging for the past 13+ years.

Really successful blogs (in terms of visitor numbers, regular readers, and revenue) have these 10 points and a few of them even stand out.

However, in this article I cannot and will not claim that there is a guarantee of success. With the following basic rules you can greatly improve your own chances of success, but there can still be no guarantee of success, as there are a few other factors that we cannot influence.

In addition, I have to restrict again with this article that the tips are intended for ambitious bloggers. Those who blog for themselves or for fun and who don’t care about the number of visitors don’t need to read any further.

Ten Basic Rules For Blogging Success

These 10 basic rules are of course not set in stone and every blogger should weigh for himself what will be implemented and to what extent. However, one should take these points seriously and under no circumstances ignore them completely.

  1. Start now

On the net, in forums, or even by email I keep meeting people who would like to start a blog but don’t want to start.

Instead, they think forever about which topic to take, whether it makes any sense, which software fits, how the layout should be, how they could save money, whether success is really guaranteed, etc.

Of course, it is important that you look for a suitable topic (I’ll come to that in the next point) and think about it beforehand. But many overdo it and try to plan everything down to the last detail before starting.

But that is neither possible nor useful. A blog lives and changes. When you have a good topic, start and make decisions and develop the blog while blogging.

You never make up for the wasted time. You notice that again and again, for example, in the niche page challenge, where speed matters.

  1. Find your niche

Before starting, however, you should have thought about the topic and found a suitable niche.

Yes, as a blogger you should also choose a niche instead of choosing the main topic that is too big or even blog about everything.

A good niche offers an existing interest (search volume), not so strong competition in Google and content development opportunities. You should also consider the latter when choosing the domain so that you don’t end up with a domain that is too special, which stands in the way of expanding the blog with new topics.

Last but not least, you should of course feel comfortable with the chosen topic, have fun and passion for it.

  1. Hold on

One of the main reasons for blog abandonment is the lack of stamina. Success doesn’t come overnight and blogs in particular need a certain amount of time to form a larger readership.

Anyone who blogs regularly in the first few months, but only sporadically later, need not be surprised if the traffic does not increase.

I didn’t have many visitors in the first few months of my blog But I stuck with it by simply writing the articles I would like to read myself.

  1. Develop your own style

There are millions of blogs out there and even in a well-chosen niche there is usually a lot of “blogging competition”.

Standing out from this crowd is important in order to attract new readers’ attention and to stay in their minds.

In the case of blogs, this primarily means developing your own style that runs through all of the articles and the rest of the blog. If the readers not only find the actual content good but also the spelling, the tone, the way of conveying knowledge, etc., then they are much more likely to come back.

In addition, you can use your own style to turn content that is otherwise very similar to something special. There are industries where the content of the blogs (e.g. news) is quite similar, and in the end, it is the blogger’s special style that makes the difference.

Try to make your blog special!

  1. Write great articles

Of the 10 points in this article, this is arguably the most obvious. Despite SEO, social media and the like, the articles in a blog are still one of the main factors for success.

Therefore, one should not be satisfied with doing the same thing as everyone else. I know a lot of blogs that are well-made and likable in themselves, but which have the same news as content that all other blogs in the niche publish. That’s not how you become successful.

Instead, you should think about how you can go a step further to make your own articles something special. This is possible, among other things, by bringing in your own experiences and examples.

There are many tips and opportunities for great content that is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you not only do the same thing as others but always go 1-2 steps further.

  1. Take care of the marketing

Content is the most important thing and if the readers think the articles on your blog are great, then a lot is gained.

However, one should by no means just rely on the articles and wait for the crowds to come. Good marketing is also part of it because if you don’t know about the great articles, you won’t visit the blog either.

This includes observing the basic on-page SEO and off-page SEO measures that Google itself recommends. But manual marketing in social networks, on other blogs and in other channels is also highly recommended.

Social networks in particular now offer bloggers many opportunities to increase their own reach and attract more visitors to their own blog.

  1. Make a great first impression

Here, too, I have to say that in the end, the substance is of course the decisive factor. Only if the readers like the articles will they come back, recommend the blog, etc.

However, there are studies that show that the first impression of a website is very important.

The layout, the loading time, how many advertisements can be seen above the fold, a suitable logo and more factors play a role. Readers make a decision in the first few seconds (consciously or unconsciously) and may leave the blog again. It is therefore important to dedicate yourself to this first impression and to put as few stones as possible in the way of visitors.

In addition to the points mentioned, usability is also important here. For example, you can place the best articles in such a way that first-time visitors stumble over them.

  1. Learn something new every day

Life is learning and as a blogger, you always learn something new. To do this, however, you have to be ready to learn from your own mistakes and to analyze them honestly.

But you can also learn a lot from your own statistics and of course by reading other blogs yourself, actively using social networks, making contacts, etc.

Anyone who thinks they already know everything is wasting a lot of potentials. I’ve blogged for more than 13 years now, but I’m always learning new things. And that not only benefits my websites and blogs, it is also fun and motivates me.

  1. Take care of your readers

Blogs are not a one-way street. Blogs in particular encourage the active participation of readers and that is something that bloggers should support.

So you should not only follow the comments of the readers but also answer if questions are asked in them. You don’t have to and shouldn’t reply to every comment, but if it makes sense, you should use this communication channel.

In addition, one can, for example, involve readers and find out their opinion through surveys. I’ve already introduced some new content because my readers asked for it.

Last but not least, you should reply to emails from readers and seek contact.

But taking care of your readers also means that you don’t try to rogue them just to earn a few more of yours.

  1. Always reinvent yourself

The last tip on my list is often difficult to implement. I notice it myself after so many years.

Not only do you set yourself up in your blog and are well established, but you are also a little afraid of changing too much and breaking something in the process.

But I am of the opinion that as a blogger you have to be alive and that means that you have to change things from time to time. New ideas, meaningful changes and creative attempts make the reader curious again and you learn a lot in the process.

In my 1,000 Euro project, I am building a new website and am trying to make it financially successful within a year. This is another challenge that spurs me on.

Conclusion – basic rules for successful blogs

In my opinion, the 10 basic rules mentioned are very important for the success of a blog. Even if the core of blogging “only” consists of writing new articles, there is more to it than that to increase the number of visitors and the awareness of a blog.

You should at least be aware of these basic rules, even if you may not always be able to implement all of them.

What do you think are important basic rules of successful blogs? Can you give me any other tips? What is your experience with your blogs?